Project Details

“Bunyadi Nuqta” presents Rustic Charm, an interior design project that celebrates the beauty of natural materials and textures. The project features a rustic design that incorporates reclaimed wood, stone, and metal, creating a warm and welcoming living space. Each room is carefully curated with vintage and antique pieces that bring a sense of history and personality to the space. The project also features custom lighting fixtures that enhance the natural textures and create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The design is accented with pops of color and pattern, adding a modern touch to the rustic charm. With Rustic Charm, “Bunyadi Nuqta” has created an interior design that is both timeless and cozy, offering a unique and inviting living space for any home.

Planning solution, construction drawi selection materials
Developers and technical architects, selection materials
Digital project planning resourcing selection of materials