Project Details

Bunyadi Nuqta’s latest interior design project is a stunning Art Deco-inspired apartment that seamlessly blends old-school glamour with modern convenience.The apartment’s living room features a plush velvet sofa and armchair in rich emerald green, paired with a vintage-style brass coffee table and Art Deco-inspired accessories. The walls are adorned with striking geometric patterns in gold and black, while the ceiling boasts a stunning chandelier reminiscent of the era’s glamour.The bedroom is equally elegant, with a luxurious four-poster bed draped in sumptuous silk and velvet bedding. A mirrored vanity table and Hollywood-style lights provide a touch of old Hollywood glamour, while the windows are dressed in velvet curtains with gold tassels.The kitchen and dining area are bright and airy, with white walls and countertops paired with sleek black cabinetry and Art Deco-inspired light fixtures. The dining table is a stunning marble piece with gold accents, surrounded by modern white chairs with brass legs.Throughout the apartment, the flooring is a classic black-and-white checkered pattern, adding to the overall Art Deco-inspired aesthetic.Bunyadi Nuqta’s Art Deco Apartment is a true masterpiece of interior design, marrying the glamour and luxury of the past with the convenience and functionality of modern living.

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